Useful Stuff

At Just Health and Safety our approach is simple: to help others improve their own Health and Safety in the workplace.

Every consultancy should be interested in furthering the reputation of the profession, and we hope that by offering useful resources visitors to our site will be able to decide on whether to tackle H&S themselves or take advantage of professionals in this field.

We have 3 categories for you to explore:

Downloads – so that you can see how a structured approach to H&S can be beneficial, and a taster for how we use modern tools to make tasks like risk assessment, accident reporting etc. a whole lot easier.

FAQs – a common way to avoid having to answer the same questions over-and-over, but more than that, to try and quash some of the misconceptions about H&S that have arisen out of misinformation…or as it’s called these days ‘Fake News’.

Links – so that you can pop over to other sites which contain background information on H&S – if you’ve got the time to read it, that is.