Try this tool to check your H&S Policies

Recently we’ve noticed that new Clients frequently have old H&S Policies that have either:

No commitments – at all…to doing anything (usually these are the one’s who mistakenly think a H&S Policy is an information handbook for staff)

Hidden commitments – but some commitment is better than none….No? Well, No!

There is absolutely no advantage to writing under, say, Manual Handling: ‘We will carry out risk assessments’, and then not following through.

This would be a gift to a ‘No-Win/No-Fee’ lawyer claiming that you were negligent and caused an employees slipped disc.

They are ‘hidden’ commitments because often the organisation isn’t aware of them.

Often, the Policy has been written by an external consultant and they never went through it together to create an action plan.

In order to help you to construct such a plan, we’ve put together a simple tool.

All you have to do is have an electronic copy of your current H&S Policies open and paste the individual arrangements in, then examine them one-by-one to create your Action Plan.

  • It may surprise you what is in your own Policies!
  • Equally worrying, would be a total lack of anything that suggests action – in this case, the Policies may need to be re-written.
    Most H&S Regulations direct employers to try and reduce risk, so if this has been ‘lost in translation’ you may have a problem.

Try it now: