Sniffing out a decent H&S Consultant just got easier!

We have recently been busy lately working with ‘‘ in order to improve the ‘OSHCR’ website.

This website has become the principle online search tool for organisations looking to find reputable Consultants to help them manage their H&S.

The Project Manager at intosolutions was great at listening to feedback and working with the IT developers in adapting the site.

As with all things collaborative, we were disappointed in some aspects that were fixed as part of the brief e.g. we would have liked to have have the site much more open (searchers currently have to register to get full information) – however we think that overall it’s a vaste improvement on the previous site.

Searching for a local Consultant is made easier by integration with Google Maps, and each Consultant’s profile can be clicked into direct from the map. This accords heavily with our ethos that personal, local services are the way forward – Consultants who drive for 3 hours to get to you are pretty soon likely to be thinking about the return journey!

Check out the new site here: