Health and Safety Risk Assessment

These days, Health and Safety law is less about telling employers what to do and is more about requiring employers to show that they’ve considered the risks by carrying out risk assessments.

health and safety assessment

Our job is to make the whole process easier for you, and this is how it works:

Before delving into the detail of specific risk assessments, we help you compile a General Risk Assessment. This is the big picture and enables you to quickly appraise your current health and safety at work practices, and then prioritise any future efforts and justify working on the biggest risks first.

After this, we help you to carry out the Specific Risk Assessments (e.g. Manual Handling, Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Hazardous Substances (COSHH) etc.) that are required.

Over the years, we have developed specific forms, guidance and examples that make the process a lot easier and will help you to put the right risk control measures in place.

If you want to see for yourself what harnessing the latest technology can do why not try out our Sample Risk Assessment Form? You can try it out to get used to the technique before calling us in to properly tailor it to your organisation’s actual risks.

In line with good practice, your staff will need to be involved in this process – so that they learn what’s involved, start to own the assessments, and for the risk assessments to make sense and fit in within your workplace and practices.

This approach is also in line with our philosophy of enabling you to be self-sufficient.

Contact us to discuss how we can facilitate the carrying out of risk assessments within your Company.