Health and Safety Policies

Does your Company have only a very basic Health and Safety Policy?

Or perhaps it’s very comprehensive but little read, and little understood?

health and safety policies

In our view (and that of the HSE), Health and Safety policies are the foundation for ensuring you have safe people, premises and practices. It’s also important that your H&S Policy reflects your Management commitment to high standards, rather than being just a ‘health and safety manual’ that attempts to put the onus all onto employees.

Frequently these days, companies are asking for copies of Health and Safety policies when vetting those who supply them or those they contract work to.

Therefore, having legally-correct and up-to-date policies will put you at a competitive advantage and save you wasting time when these requests come in.

In summary, a well-written set of Health and Safety policies:

  • Protects the Company in the case of a prosecution or claim.
  • Spells out everyone’s duties and responsibilities and legitimises actions you take to ensure the safety of your employees and others.
  • Pulls together and records the actions you’re taken to comply with the law.
  • Informs new staff as to your Health and Safety arrangements and sets the tone for the safe conducts of all employees.
  • Sells your Company to others as a responsible entity.
  • Helps you sleep at night!

Using our years of experience in writing Health and Safety policies we can produce a bespoke set of Policies that you can be proud to show to your staff, contractors, visitors etc.

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Contact us to take advantage of our years of experience in producing suitable policies.