Health and Safety Consultancy

If you need help with putting together any element of your Health and Safety system, we’re here to help.

health and safety consultancy

We can work for you under a Pay-As-You-Go arrangement in which we become your legally-required ‘Competent Person’ for the length of time we are working for you. You choose the number of hours you will allow us to work up to at a rate per hour from £60-£90/hour + VAT.

We will then work mainly online with you to ensure that you are complying with health and safety law. and in particular your own Directors responsibilities – which if you’re not discharging could lead to fines, or in the worst case imprisonment.

Our Foundation H&S System

‘PERFORM’ is our acronym for the steps we take you through in setting up a basic Health and Safety Management System. This gives both client and consultant a series of logical steps to be informed and guided by. Here are the basic steps:

  • POLICY – Sets the tone, legitimises actions and is a valuable communication tool.
  • EVALUATE –  Enables you to find out what the risks are and what you’ll need to begin to tackle them.
  • RESOURCES  – The stage where you put the resources in place (e.g. staff training, equipment etc.)
  • FOCUS  – You set basic targets for the safety standards you demand.
  • OPERATE  – Use the above resources to get started using new methods where necessary, while monitoring and supervising progress.
  • REVIEW  – This is where your Management Team decide how well it’s going.
  • MODIFY  – Changes are made as necessary to ensure continual improvement.

Benefits of our system:

By basing all your efforts using the steps outlined above, you will be sure that you’ll be using a logical, structured system for compliance with both legislation and best practice. Actions will be consistent and so can be easily explained to other stakeholders e.g. employees, contractors, customers etc.

The system helps you to prioritise the planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of measures to protect people from workplace risks. It also helps you to allocate the correct resources, enhancing effectiveness and efficiency.

Read enough? Contact us to get your Health and Safety Management System started.