Health and Safety Services

We offer potential clients a free initial online consultation so that we can discuss with you what exactly needs doing to comply with the laws that apply to your business. We will then be able to advise you on which element of our service suits your company best.


We can work for you on a Pay-As-You-Go basis where we set an hourly rate and measure the length of time we spend organising your H&S (we also recommend that we agree time limits so that you don’t get any unexpected large bills).

You could nominate use as your Legally-required Competent Person for the length of our engagement.

The service has many benefits including:

  • We will draft your Company Safety Policy and General Risk Assessment
  • You will be supplied with all necessary Health and Safety Forms, with the emphasis being on adopting the online form templates that we can easily demonstrate to you first
  • Regular online meetings with us will keep things on track


Many businesses are beginning to realise that having a good Health and Safety Policy not only benefits their staff, but also becomes a vital part of projecting a good image to their customers and business partners.

As well as drafting your H&S Policies, it has become standard practice for us to also generate an Action Plan so that you can demonstrate that your policies are having the desired effect and are not just needless paperwork.

Risk Assessment

Before delving into the detail of specific risk assessments, we first help you compile a General Risk Assessment This is the big picture and enables you to prioritise your efforts and justify working on the biggest risks first.

After this, we help you to carry out the Specific Risk Assessments by means of sending links to our online templates, online coaching in their completion, and the quick production of short ‘explainer’ videos for anything you or your staff are struggling with.

If you’re not sure just what you need, contact us to send us an email enquiry – or phone us for a chat about your Health and Safety needs.


We can offer you various pre-designed training courses (head over to our ‘E-Training’ page) via our chosen provider ‘Courses 1,2,3’.

We can also informally coach your staff or managers during an online meeting e.g. how to work their way through carrying out risk assessments. Also, as a further resource we can quickly produce ‘explainer’ videos on any particular aspect that is causing confusion or to remind of the steps involved.

Where you have decided you need 1:1 ‘classroom-type’ training , we’re happy to refer you to another training organisation.