Just Right For You?

Who would benefit from our services?

We are a consultancy specializing in the field of general Health and Safety Management.

As such, there are a broad range of businesses we can help (generally those with five or more employees). Examples include the following types of businesses:

  • Hotels and pubs
  • Engineering companies
  • Nursing and Care Homes
  • Various contractors who install and maintain: drainage, alarms, pumps, PC’s and cabling
  • Event Management and media
  • Education establishments
  • Businesses running mainly from offices

We can help organisations with 5 to 200+ employees

Generally we help organisations that need to set up working systems for managing health and safety, and they tend to be those employing between 10 and 100 employees.

However, size doesn’t always matter, we can help organisations with upto and over 200 employees e.g. by supporting their own internal adviser by delivering specific training courses, developing specific policies etc. In fact our experience is that often Health and Safety messages are sometimes better received if they come from an outside source.

Similarly, those companies who have less than 5 employees and very low risks may benefit from general advice or health and safety training, but as the Health and Safety administrative burden is less, it would not generally be necessary to sign up to our full Consultancy service.

Honesty is the best Policy…

Unlike some consultancies, we don’t believe that everyone needs us – whether you do or not will be agreed between us at the first visit which we can offer to local businesses totally free of charge.

For example, we are not technical experts in heavy industry such as construction, gas/oil refining, large processing plant etc. and would refer you to other agencies wherever we can.

Finally, we should point out that we cannot help solve any Health and Safety issue without commitment and involvement from the very top of your organisation.

Contact us and start to feel confident that this aspect of your business is firmly under your control.