Freedom from duties you never thought you had…

From today, 1 October 2015, if you are self-employed and your work activity poses no potential risk to the health and safety of other workers or members of the public, then health and safety law will not apply to you – yay!

The HSE estimate that health and safety law will no longer apply to 1.7 million self-employed people like novelists, journalists, graphic designers, accountants, confectioners, financial advisors and online traders.

All these people who have been busily writing risk assessments (for what?!), and H&S Policies (why?!), or worrying into the night that they might injure someone (how?!) can now relax…although obviously they can still get sued for negligence…which was the only foreseeable course of action before this ridiculous law came into being anyway.

Years ago we may have thought that the Government was doing useful things that would make us all free, efficient productive human beings. Now we know, that despite the best professional advice (IOSH believed it to be ‘unecessary and unwise’) Ministers want to say they’re doing something, even if it’s totally worthless.

This law will free up no-one, but it could well confuse people into believing they have no responsibilities when the small print says they still have.