Whatever you do, don’t ‘panic-buy’ a Health & Safety Consultant


Recent experience has taught us all that if you say, ‘don’t panic’, people will automatically assume that there must be something to worry about. So off they trot to join the queue for petrol, diesel or toilet paper.

This also happens to the provision of Health and Safety Consultancy services, but don’t panic before you get to the end of this Blog.

Why H&S attracts panic-buyers

This can happen in two situations:

  1. Businesses contact us saying they’ve wanted to bid for a job and been sent a H&S Questionnaire asking who their H&S ‘Competent Person’ is.
    Their first response is ‘Eh? What?’, then they look up the law on the HSE’s website concerning ‘Competent Persons’..then they go into panic-buying mode.
  2. There’s a serious accident at work which might be followed by an Enforcing Authority investigation, together with awkward questions from ‘No-Win/No-Fee’ solicitors.

That’s great for us, isn’t it?

If you think this sounds like a good opportunity for a H&S Consultant, you’d be wrong.

Setting up Health and Safety systems for a client isn’t like dispensing petrol or selling toilet rolls. If you’re ethical about it, you can’t ‘Pile ’em high and Sell them cheap’.
It comes with a built-in level of professionalism about doing it correctly and thoroughly. This has something to do with the fact that people could get injured at the other end.
Unsurprisingly, this takes a little time to set up.

So to stretch the analogy, if you panic-buy toilet paper (or H&S Consultants) and find that they are very low quality and you go on to develop a nasty rash, then you’ve only yourself to blame.

The obvious solution

Of course, we understand that people running businesses are normally busy with other things and so H&S tends to get left on the ‘back-burner’, or it doesn’t even make it that far.
This is why we have structured our approach towards prioritising risk right from the outset, so that thereafter things can be tackled ‘little and often’.

If you’ve glanced at any previous blogs, you’ll understand that Health and Safety isn’t about having ‘a policy’ and ‘some risk assessments’. It’s about having a policy that is accurate and informative, and having good risk assessments that reflect the reality of the controls being used.
Everything has to be tailored to your business’s unique, special circumstances…and that’s what we help you to achieve, and then keep it all up-to-date.

So if you’re faced with one of those difficult-to-answer questionnaires, or a rush to the First Aid box, then maybe it’s time to think about stopping all the panic-buying and putting in place a robust long-term solution.