Our Philosophy

We help local Companies confidently manage Health and Safety.

Of course, Health and Safety is a normal management task which cannot be totally delegated out to individuals external to the organisation. However, some of the legislation can be complex to interpret and hence the legal requirement for employers to have access to Competent advice.

For small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s), it is more cost- effective if this coaching/advice/training is contracted out to a Health and Safety Consultancy.

Focused and Experienced

We believe that there has to be performance on both sides of our relationship for Health and Safety to improve. If no progress is being made, this is presents poor value to you and no job satisfaction for us (a lose-lose relationship). For this reason, we regularly produce agreed ‘Action Plans’ with our Clients and use modern task-management software to make sure that what we’ve agreed to do gets done. We also recommend that Clients carry out their own review of our joint collaborative efforts – what has been achieved, and what
still needs improvement.

Being Chartered Members of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health guarantees to you that we are experienced in interpreting Health and Safety law for our Clients and helping you to sensibly tackle any workplace occupational hazards. We are also committed to improving on our service wherever possible through engaging in Continual Professional Development.

Sensible and Practical

We focus on moving your Company towards compliance with statutory law.

However, we also work with you to prioritise the work (so that at least some of it gets done!). This approach is directly in line with HSE theory and could potentially be used to defend legal action.

Our reports, policies and online training resources are therefore very practical – you don’t want jargonistic corporate solutions, you want to know how to reduce risk and protect your company.

Friendly and Ethical

We believe in establishing good one-to-one working partnerships with our Clients. Larger consultancies are often less customer – focused and many are linked to banks or insurance.

We also believe that businesses should not be signed up to a Health and Safety Consultancy by salesmen who often use scare-tactics and have little knowledge of the problem they are selling the solution for. This can lead to a customer feeling let-down when the service is later delivered.

In contrast, we quickly diagnose what needs to be done, present the solution to you, and give you choices about how quickly you want to achieve the results.

If you like the sound of our Philosophy, contact us to see how we can work together in building your confidence in Health and Safety Management.